Field reporting on humanitarian issues, social injustice and conflicts around the globe, capturing human struggle in images and text.

Dimitrios Bouras was born in Thessaloniki and grew up in several Greek cities. Images from Henri Cartier Bresson and Oriana Fallaci’s book VIETNAM had a powerful effect on him and were instrumental in his decision to become a photographer. 

He has been a photojournalist since 1980, working as a freelance researcher and reporter on humanitarian issues, social injustice, poverty and war around the globe. He has covered special assignments in Greece, Bulgaria, FYROM., Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Romania, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, ‘Kurdistan’ and other countries.  

He regularly contributes as a freelance photojournalist under an alias. His awards include Amnesty International, a Prix Pictet Commission and honours from Pictures of the Year InternationalHis work has been exhibited extensively in Greece and internationally. Freelancer status affords Dimitris the possibility to overcome the constraints of the passive role of a content provider and to develop independently as advocate and documentarian. Recently he has been investigating thorny social issues in present-day Greece: drug abuse, homelessness, the life of the disabled and the impact of austerity; the uprising in the Ukraine; the “Arab Spring” and social unrest in Turkey and Middle East.

Among his recent research outcomes was a presentation of the epidemic spread of HIV in Greece among IDU (intravenous drug users) in the 28th Annual EPIIC International Symposium on “Global Health and Security” (12-24 February 2013, the Institute for Global Leadership - Tufts University, Boston, USA).  Session's topic: "Bystanders, Perpetrators and Survivors: A Global Health Perspective on Sexual Violence". Following EPIIC’s symposium, the outcome of this research was presented in the international conference Ethics and Aesthetics of Epidemiological Photography  [more upon this: link ]

Dimitrios currently resides between Athens, Greece, Duhok, KRG/Iraq and Mariupol, Ukraine. In his current research investigates the new form of war: Hybrid/‘undeclared war’. Under the title “Beyond Dichotomies: Reassembling Global Challenges through the Local” the research is beyond everyday photojournalism; is a geopolitical - strategic and anthropological research, following a comparative study pattern. In this comparative study he follows developments in Middle East (focusing in Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan Autonomous Region & Afghanistan) as well as in Ukraine, and in the greater zone of Caucasus Eurasia.

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